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In order to strengthen industrial progress and maintain advanced technological achievements, the Company integrates the intellectual property strategy combined with the Company's operational objectives, and establishes an operation model of creating company value through intellectual property rights, so as to protect the Company's development achievements, strengthen competitive advantages, and enhance company value and profitability.

The Company's internal control system has established the "Intellectual Property Acquisition, Maintenance and Utilization Management" system to regulate the management and maintenance of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and trade secrets. The Company's intellectual property management plan is as follows:

1. Patent management: The Company has no patent applications.

2. Trademark management: The Legal Affairs Office integrates and regularly maintains trademark management. The Company has now registered 5 trademarks in Taiwan.

3. Copyright management: The Company has no copyright application.

4. Trade Secret Management:

(1) According to Paragraph 3 of Article 8 of the Company's labor contract, employees are obliged to keep the confidentiality of personal business and company business secrets, and sign the employee protection agreement.

(2) Employees shall not disclose any business secrets after taking office or resigning, otherwise the Company has the right to be dismissed, and has the right to retroactively and compensate the Company for losses.

5. Entrusted or entrusted management: When the Company entrusts or accepts entrustment or cooperates with others to develop technology, the ownership of its intellectual property shall be in accordance with the contract.

6. It is listed as the relevant technical documents and software purchased from or provided by the original equipment manufacturer. Its intellectual property rights are owned by the original equipment manufacturer, and the ownership and use rights of the data are owned by Air Asia Co., Ltd., and use it in accordance with the relevant operating regulations.


Intellectual Property Risks and Countermeasures

The Company is entrusted by the military for military supplies business, and has the obligation and responsibility to abide by the relevant confidentiality regulations on military aircraft, equipment and technical documents. The risk assessment index is low risk.
The Company supervises its personnel to comply with the relevant documents approved by the military in accordance with "The Classified National Security Information Protection Act" and "The Enforcement Rules of the Classified National Security Information Protection Act". The relevant personnel of the military aircraft outsourcing maintenance projects completed the signing of the security agreement. In addition, the access to "Confidential Information" of the Company's military projects (media including important programs) should be strictly controlled in addition to the “specialized personnel management” and "specialized storage" regulations, and the control of personnel access has been strengthened. For access, records will be established for tracking purposes. Confidential documents may not be taken away from the designated office without the consent of the responsible supervisor.
Executive Report
At the end of each year, the Company submits intellectual property-related matters to the Board of Director for report.
The management objectives and implementation in 2021 are as follows (reported to the Board of Director on Dec. 21, 2021):

1. Promote company intellectual property management:

Every year, the Company promotes the Company's intellectual property management mechanism, confidentiality obligations and business secret requirements on the Company's internal website to strengthen the Company's awareness and awareness of intellectual property protection.

2. File classification:

(1) In cooperation with the ISO27001 Information Security Management System application, 1,118 employees of the Company have been given information security awareness education training courses for a total of 2,236 hours.

(2) The confidentiality levels of company documents and information are divided into four levels:"General", "Internal", "Sensitive" and "Confidential".

  Except for the "General" level, the folders or documents of other paper documents at all levels are stamped with the seal of this level. To be identified.

(3) Confidential-level data files are encrypted before they can be sent.

3. Inventory of the signing of the employee closing letter:

After the inventory, all employees of the Company have signed the employee security agreement and the information communication security confidentiality agreement.

4.L egal education courses (including business secrets):

In cooperation with the military/government contract, the Legal Affairs Office conducted legal education courses (including confidentiality obligations) for 249 people in related business colleagues, with a total of 796 hours of legal publicity.

5. Trademark Management:

The Company has now registered 5 trademarks in Taiwan, which have not expired after inspection, and continue to be controlled.

The management objectives for 2022 are as follows (reported to the Board of Director on Dec. 21, 2021):

1. In order to properly manage the Company's business secrets, it is planned to plan the Legal Affairs Office to manage the NDAs signed by manufacturers or customers, and then request the Audit Office to inspect and improve the situation.

2. Continue to conduct training courses on "Acquisition, Maintenance and Application Management of Intellectual Property Rights" for new recruits.

3. In order to comply with customer contract specifications, we continue to arrange legal education courses.