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The Company regularly identifies stakeholders, collects and inspects issues of concern to stakeholders, and compiles relevant results and submits a report to the Board of Directors at the beginning of each year.
The Company has formulated the "Measures for the Report on Illegal, Unethical and Dishonest Conducts" (please refer to other company-related rules and important information) to implement the Company's "Code of Ethical Conduct" and "Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct", encourages reporting of any illegal or violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct or the Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct.
Reporting Email:
The 2020 stakeholder report has been reported to the Board of Directors on Feb. 23, 2021. The communication and report contents of various types of stakeholders in 2021 are as follows, and the report to the Board of Directors has been submitted on Feb. 23, 2022.

Stakeholders Focus on Topics Communication Channels, Response Methods and Frequency 2021 Implementation Situation
Government and Authorities 1.Law to follow
2.Corporate governance
3.Operating performance
1.Cooperate with the competent authority to supervise and check
2.Participate in symposiums of competent authorities from time to time
3.Hangar remodeling investment impediment coordinating council

1.Regularly visited the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Civil Aeronautics. Administration and accepted 19 regular audits by domestic and foreign Civil Aeronautics. Administrations, and participated in 4 seminars on Civil Aeronautics. Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
2.A total of 7 people participated in the 13th Taipei Corporate Governance Forum held by Financial Supervisory Commission.
3.Visited the Building Permit and Inspection Division and Introduction of Bureau of Urban Development, Tainan City Government to discuss the application of "Tainan City's Measures for Incentive Investment for Urban Planning Public Facilities" for hangar reconstruction, a total of 2 times.

Shareholders and Investors 1.Shareholder engagement
2.Operating performance
3.Development strategies
1.Hold a Shareholders' Meeting every year and publish an annual report
2.Host at least one Investor Conference every year
3.Announce important company information on the Market Observation Post System in real time, and provide important business development and operational performance information and news through the media from time to time for shareholders and investors to know
4.Communication and contact with shareholders and investors:
 Name: Chao, Chin-Hsien
 Title: Vice President
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2901
 Deputy Spokesperson
 Name: Vincent Huang
 Title: Chief of Chairman's Office
 Tel. No. : +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2901
 Stock Affairs
 Name: Kuo, Ssu-Tsen
 Title: Director Accounting & Financial Planning
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2901
1.Shareholders' meeting on Aug. 25, 2021.
2.Investor Conference on Aug. 26, 2021.
3.34 items of Material Information; 6 items of news exposure issues.
Employees 1.Employee benefits and assessment
2.Labour relations
3.Law advocacy
1.The Company's internal website irregularly announces various employee benefits (health check, group insurance, etc.), welfare committee information, education and training courses, and employee rewards and punishment.
2.Occupational safety and health committees (7 labor representatives and 16 management representatives) and labor-management meetings (5 labor representatives and 5 management representatives) are held on a quarterly basis
3.Arrange seminars and dinner parties with employees to keep communication channels open
4.Cooperate with the performance of the contract to carry out legal education and publicity courses for employees
5.Conduct employee health promotion courses to provide an employee-friendly workplace environment
6.Contact information for employee communication:
 Administration Division
 Name: Su, Yu-Hui
 Title: Director
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2600
 Audit Office
 Name: Chen, Han-Ching
 Title: Chief Audit Office
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2060
 Administration of Personnel
 Name: Wu, Han-Wei
 Title: Manager
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2610
1.In 2021, more than 30 pieces of information related to employee benefits, training, and health care have been announced, and the COVID-19 vaccination rate has been counted every month and appointment assistance has been made.
2.In 2021, two major meetings of labor and management have been held every quarter.
3.In 2021, the Chairman has held symposiums and dinner parties with employees a total of 6 times.
4.In 2021, a total of 7 sessions of legal education and publicity courses for employees have been held, with 279 participants.
5.In 2021, a total of 14 courses on employee work-life balance selection and health care have been held, with 364 participants.
Customers 1.Information security
2.Customer protection and communication
3.Quality of service
1.Provide customers with multiple communication channels in the following ways:
 Military Aircraft Business Unit
 Military Aircraft Outsourcing Program of Integrated Management
 Name: Liao, Chih-Ming
 Title: Manager
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2520
 Commercial Aircraft Business Unit
 Commercial Aircraft Planning Division
 Name: Tsai, Yen-Ching
 Title: Director
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2980
 Helicopter Business Unit
 Marketing of Helicopter Marketing Division
 Name: Fu, Chung-Yuan
 Title: Director
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2345
 Line Maintenance Division
 Name: Tsao, Yu-Ting
 Title: Director
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2141
2.Accept customer performance supervision and audit from time to time, or arrange quality communication meetings with customers
3.Arrange customer satisfaction surveys and communicate with customers in real time to maintain good interaction
1.Regularly accept customer performance supervision and audit more than 25 times.
2.More than 60 times of quality communication meetings with customers from time to time.
3.Customer satisfaction is 88.2%~94%.
Suppliers 1.Supplier management
2.Information transparency
3.Health and safety
1.Schedule material supplier audits on a regular basis
2.Public bidding will be conducted as needed, and relevant documents will be announced on the Company's website
3.Contact person:
 Procurement Division
 Name: Maryam Khan (Elizabeth J. Y. Wang)
 Title: Director
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2700
 FAX. No.: +886-290-3965
 Administration of General Affairs
 Name: Weng, Chen-Huan
 Title: Manager
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2673
 FAX. No.: +886-267-4816
 Administration of Safety & Security
 Name: Liu, Wen-Chuan
 Title: Manager
 Tel. No.: +886-6-268-1911 Ext. 2660
1.In 2021, the proportion of written or on-site audits of major suppliers has reached 80%.
2.There are 2 pieces of company bidding information in the announcement area of the Company's website.
3.Every year, AIR ASIA Co., Ltd. Occupational Safety and Health Family education training is held, and in 2021, it won the Excellent Award for Safety and Health Family Performance Evaluation by Bureau of Labor Affairs, Tainan City Government.