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The internal audit of Air Asia Company Limited is an independent unit directly report to the Board of Directors. Aim at implement the spirit of corporate governance, in addition to reporting in regular meetings of the Board. If necessary, report to the Board or Chairman immediately

Major contents of General Audit, is implemented to the audit plan which adopted by the Board of Directors, which is based on the risks of identification and the Project Audit should be performed if needed. The implementation of the previous audit provides the management internal control status to understand the existing or potential lack of control. After the audit performed, the interior audit last process required to submit audit and tracking reports, and regular delivery of the Audit Committee.

The internal audit of the Company's internal audit system is to assist the board of directors and the managers in checking and review the lack of internal control system and to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation in order to achieve the purpose of the internal control system. The internal control system and the scope of the audit include all operations and subsidiaries of the Company.

The Review Audit of internal auditing is an self-evaluation exercise of internal control system performed by each department, which includes the inspection on whether the task is performed or not and review the documents to ensure the quality, and will integrate the result of self-evaluation together with internal control system discrepancies found by the auditors and improvements for the defects. The Review Audit is to be submitted to the Chairman of Board and Board of Directors as the basis of presenting internal control statement.

The internal audit and managing system of the company is Inspected and evaluated by the independent professional auditors, and so it can be possessing Integrity, rationality and effectively.

The communications between the independent directors and the internal auditors are listed below.


Communication Matters


Reviewing the internal audit report of Sep. 2017


Reviewing and approving the 2018 internal audit plan


1. Reviewing the internal audit report from Otc.2017 to Feb.2018

2. Reviewing and Approving 2017 Statement of Internal Control System


Reviewing the internal audit report of Mar.2018


1. Reviewing the internal audit report for the 2nd quarter of 2018

2. Reviewing and approving amendments of internal control related policies and procedures