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Air Asia Company Limited (AACL) was established in 1955 by first funder Gen. Claire Chennault, a former U.S. volunteer aviation commander who was well known by famous "Flying Tiger" during World War II. AACL has been the first private-owned aircraft maintenance company in Taiwan.

Gen. Claire Chennault's successful experience in management and leadership turned AACL into a world-class and professional aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service provider.

In 1994, AACL officially become a subsidiary of Taiwan Aerospace Corporation (TAC) as the only Taiwan-based professional MRO with rich experiences, standard facilities and equipment, and well-skilled workforces and competitive prices in servicing both commercial and military aircraft in the Asia Pacific region.


Year History
1946 General Chennault established the China National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (CNRRA) in Shanghai Hongqiao, then changed to Civil Air Transport, CAT
1955 Civil Air Transport, CAT separate into two different company which were Air America and Civil Air Transport, CAT
1975 Transferred to the US E system subsidiary
1987 Transferred to the US Precision Airmotive subsidiary
1988 Transferred back to R.O.C.
1994 Become subsidiary company of Taiwan Aerospace Company (T.A.C)
2017 Became listed company at emerging stock market
2018 Became listed company at stock exchange market