Title Name Educational Background Career Highlights
Chairman of the board Tien-Lin Lu National Taiwan Ocean University Graduate School of Engineering Executive Yuan Council for Labor Affairs
Vice President  Chung-Lin Li Department of Business Administration, National Defense Administration AACL Vice President Operations
Vice President Military Aircraft Kao-En Chao Air Force Mechanical School Machinery Division AACL Vice President Maintenance
Vice President Helicopter Sung-Ling Tsai Master in the Department of Business Administration, I-Shou University AACL Director Vertical Flight Center
Chief Financial Officer Chin-Lan Kao Golden GateUniversity/ USA MS. In Finance AACL Director Accounting & Financial Planning
Vice President Chin-Hsien Chao Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University AACL Director Procurement
Vice President Jen-Chun Tsui Department of Applied Mathematics Chung-Cheng Institute of Technology AACL Director Marketing